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🔥"Unleash the power of spiritual healing and meditation with our guide to using incense for . Elevate your practice and find inner tranquility."🔥

  • Spiritual Sticks are hand - crafted incense with Himalayan herbs used for meditation and spiritual healing.

  • They work by aligning energy fields known as chakras and come with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

  • To use them for meditation or healing, light the stick in a quiet space and focus on intentions related to the stick's purpose.

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Understanding Spiritual Sticks


We know how important it is to find balance and peace in our lives. That's why we turn to Spiritual Sticks for help. These sticks are not just ordinary incense; they act as tools for spiritual healing and meditation.

Each stick contains a special blend of herbs chosen for their ability to work with the body’s energy fields.

Using Spiritual Sticks connects us with different aspects of our well-being. They come infused with intentions that target specific areas like wealth, love or health. As we light a stick and breathe in its soothing scent, the smoke carries these intentions through the air, touching every corner of our space with its transformative power.

spiritual sticks reviews


Review by David, 63 years

I recently started using the "weight loss spiritual stick" and "finding love sticks" from the five distinct varieties shared in the "David offered spiritual stick bag". While I was skeptical, these "sticks are easy to use" and the herbal scents are amazing, especially knowing they're "organically produced spiritual burning sticks". It feels like a therapeutic and spiritual journey, and although weight loss isn't instant, I sense a difference in my mental wellbeing which could indirectly lead to physical benefits. I absolutely recommend these for anyone in search of spiritual guidance.


Review by Brenda, 55 years

The "spiritual confidence stick" I received in my "box of spiritual sticks" by David Segal gave me a newfound assurance. It has this "avtinas and the incense" aroma that brings tranquillity and soothing vibes. I also enjoyed the "marital harmony stick" which I believe has deepened my bond with my partner. Using the spiritual stick is effortlessly simple. Some may find the smoke mildly disturbing, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

How Do David Segal’s Spiritual Sticks Work?

David Segal’s Spiritual Sticks harness the power of aromatherapy and ancient herbal wisdom. Carefully chosen Himalayan herbs, essential oils and resins get blended into each stick.

These sticks are crafted based on old scripts that talk about spiritual tools. The smoke from burning these sticks carries the special qualities of the natural ingredients into the air.

As we light a Spiritual Stick, its unique fragrance fills our space. This aroma works to balance our energy fields known as chakras. It clears away negative vibes and invites positive energy in return.

Using them is simple; just find a quiet spot, ignite the tip of a stick, then blow out the flame gently to let it smolder. Let's breathe deeply as we watch the fragrant smoke drift through the room while meditating or reflecting for personal enlightenment.

Every stick is imbued with its unique purpose and intention. Consider the money stick - it's infused with beliefs linked to drawing in wealth and prosperity while on another hand; there’s sleep stick – this one aims at creating an environment serenely conducive for undisturbed slumber.

The confidence stick focuses on fortifying self-confidence whilst weight loss stick leans towards fostering positive body perception alongside intentions of weight regulation.

This practice connects us with higher vibrations leading to better focus during meditation and more profound spiritual experiences.

The Five Types of Spiritual Sticks

David Segal's spiritual incense sticks are not your run-of-the-mill aroma diffusers. They operate in a unique, distinctive manner that transcends their conventional counterparts; they're much more than just simple fragrance providers - they are catalysts for spiritual transformation.

In our exploration, we discover five unique spiritual sticks designed to address various aspects of life; dive deeper with us to see how they can enhance your spiritual journey.

Money Sticks:

We light Money Sticks to clear out bad vibes and welcome in wealth. These sticks blend plant resins with powerful essences that aim to unlock our ability to think up ways of attracting cash.

They serve as a tool for financial healing, rumored to elevate both body and mind's awareness towards prosperity.

Just burn one, and the herbal smoke is said to start working on solving those tricky money matters.

When it comes to employing incense for meditative or spiritual healing practices, there is a multitude of options available. But none hold quite the prominence that the money stick does on its throne - nestling comfortably atop the incense holder.

Inquiries regarding cost specifics can be directed towards the official website where additional alternatives such as sleep and confidence sticks are available – each forming integral threads in the elaborate tapestry of spiritual healing procedures.

Relationship Sticks:

Our Relationship Sticks are specially crafted to help bring harmony and love into life. These sticks aim to create a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a deeper connection with their partners or looking to attract new love.

The age-old ritual of burning incense, traversing cultures and epochs to yield distinct spiritual results, finds its significance here. The relationship stick specifically aids users in summoning feelings of love, understanding, and compassion into their relationships. 

Lighting these sticks is simple: just ignite the tip, wait for it to burn briefly, and then blow out the flame. The smoke will fill the air with its special aroma designed to strengthen bonds and open hearts.

Sleep Sticks:

Sleep Sticks help us drift into a deep, restful sleep. We breathe in their soothing fragrances and feel our worries slip away. Our minds calm down, making room for peaceful dreams.

It's like these sticks whisper to our brains, "It's time to rest now."

Each box comes with five types of sticks made for different needs, and Sleep Sticks are one of them. Imagine lighting one up after a long day. Its scent fills the air and sets the stage for a good night's sleep.

Confidence Sticks:

Confidence sticks help lift our spirits and build self-assurance. We often face challenges that bring us down, but these special incense sticks aim to boost our mood. As we light one, the air fills with a scent designed to empower us.

Immersed in the whirlpool of innovative masterpieces by David Segal, we find a singular path to personal and professional ascendancy through the Confidence Stick.

Burning these spiritual sticks has long been part of sacred traditions. They clear away negative vibes and promote peace within us. This creates the perfect setting for meditation where concentration flows freely.

Relationship Sticks:

We know how tough shedding pounds can be, so we're thrilled to tell you about Weight Loss Sticks. They're part of our spiritual sticks collection, designed to tap into the body's energy and promote weight loss.

 In this aspect, our Sticks echo the metamorphic potency found within our Spiritual Money Stick yet cater to distinct areas of existence.

 This variety encourages individuals to view bodily transformations as harmonious events that foster deeper self-appreciation and acceptance. Drawing parallels with Harmony Sticks, spent incense from Sticks signifies purging negative energy potentially hindering progress while simultaneously embracing prospects for change. 

Light one up, let the scent fill the room, and feel it connect with your soul. This process helps align you with the universe's rhythm, which believers say supports their weight management journey.

How many incense sticks to burn for good luck?

There is no specific number of incense sticks to burn for good luck as it can vary depending on personal beliefs or cultural traditions. Some people may burn one incense stick, while others may burn multiple sticks. It is important to be mindful of fire safety when burning incense.

What is the price of Spiritual Sticks?

After learning how to use spiritual sticks for your meditation and healing, you might wonder about their cost. The price is $59, which includes everything you need. You buy them from the official website.


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Benefits of Using Spiritual Sticks

Benefits of Using five different sticks: Embracing the use of spiritual sticks can truly transform our daily lives, infusing moments with intention and clarity—dive in to discover how they could elevate your own journey.

Esteemed tremendously for their esoteric attributes are materials like avtinas and select incenses that are utilized in crafting these mystic rods – augmenting significantly to their efficacy. Intriguingly, each rod is accompanied by an exquisitely handcrafted incense holder which amplifies its overall aesthetic appeal.

More specifically aids such as the spiritual sleep rod and the spiritual confidence rod precipitate substantial transformations in a user's life course.

  • Boost Confidence

  • Promote Financial Success

  • Support Weight Loss

  • Provide Deep, Restful Sleep

  • Enhance Personal Relationships

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy


Our refund policy puts your mind at ease. You have a whole year to try Spiritual Sticks. If they don't meet your expectations, you get your money back, no questions asked. That's our 365-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Simply send the sticks back if they're not right for you.

We stand behind the power of our Spiritual Sticks for spiritual healing and meditation. Our promise is simple: love them or we'll refund you completely within one year of purchase.

Your journey to personal enlightenment matters to us, and this guarantee supports that path without any risk on your part.

EMAIL US : support@spiritualsticks.com

american health association recommends

  • Natural Formula

  • No Stimulants

  • Plant Ingredient

  • Easy To Use

  • Non-GMO

  • No Chemicals

How to Use Spiritual Sticks for Meditation and Spiritual Healing

We find comfort and strength in spiritual practices, and using Spiritual Sticks enhances this experience. As we light these sticks, we set the stage for deeper meditation and healing.

  • Choose a quiet space where you won't be disturbed. This allows you to focus on your spiritual practice without outside noises or interruptions.

  • Select the Spiritual Stick that matches your intention. For example, money sticks for financial success or relationship sticks for love and harmony.

  • Light the tip of the stick until it produces a flame. After a few seconds, blow out the flame to let it glow and smoke.

  • Place the smoldering stick on a safe surface or in an incense holder. Make sure it's away from flammable objects.

  • Sit or stand near the smoke as it fills the air. Breathe deeply and allow its scent to calm your mind.

  • Close your eyes and visualize your intention as vividly as possible. See yourself achieving what you desire with every breath you take in.

  • Repeat affirmations related to your intention if it helps focus your thoughts. For confidence sticks, say "I am strong and confident."

  • Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes while the stick burns. This is usually enough time to enter a peaceful state of mind.

  • Let go of negative energy as you sit with the smoke. Envision it carrying away worries, fears, and doubts.

  • End your session when ready by thanking the stick for its assistance. Feel gratitude for this moment of peace and clarity.


Q: Are there different types of spiritual sticks?

A: There are sticks made with various scents to achieve different goals, including boosting confidence, attracting money, finding love, and promoting harmony.

Q: What are the benefits of spiritual sticks?

A:The benefits of spiritual sticks may include promoting relaxation, enhancing meditation practices, improving focus, and creating a soothing atmosphere. Specific types of sticks may also be designed to attract love, wealth, or assist in weight loss.

Q: Where can I find spiritual sticks reviews?

A:You can find many spiritual sticks reviews on the official website of David Segal, the maker of spiritual sticks. Additionally, online sources and social media platforms may offer valuable insights from users.

Q: Who is behind spiritual sticks?

A:Spiritual sticks are offered by David Segal, known for his expertise in creating incense sticks that cater to different spiritual and lifestyle needs.

Q:Is it easy to use Spiritual Sticks for spirituality?

A:Yes, it's very easy! You just light the tip of the stick and let it burn while you focus on your spirituality or practice grounding exercises for your soul connection.

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